Solid Carbide Cutting Tool

Solid Carbide Tools

are cutting implements used in commercial metal cutting operations. Drills, reamers, end mills, milling cutters, thread mills, boring and grooving tools, and many more are examples of different types of carbide tools.

Birla Precision Technologies Limited is precision carbide cutting tool manufacturer which solid carbide cutting tools. These tools are used on CNC machines, such as vertical machining centres (VMCs), horizontal machining centres (HMCs), turn-mill centres, etc., at high speeds and feed rates to manufacture a variety of metals, including cast iron, steel, forgings, titanium, aluminium, etc. They are utilised in several industries, including those that produce automotive components, aircraft, fluid power, power generation, shipbuilding, defence, machine tools, plastics, woodworking, and electronics.

A Steel made of carbon and another alloy metallic element is known as carbide steel. Frequently known as tungsten carbide, a popular type of metal carbide. Harder materials, potentially up to 70+HRC, can be machined using carbide tools. It has a strong red hardness that is still present at 1000 °C. Extremely hard and abrasion-resistant is tungsten carbide. The majority of its primary applications are ballpoint pen tips, sporting equipment, drill bits and cutting instruments.

The main difference between them is listed below:

  • High-speed steel has a red hardness of 650°C, whereas carbide steel can reach 800-1000°C.
  • Carbide steel offers a 4- to 7-times higher cutting speed than high-speed steel.
  • Since carbide is tougher than traditional high-speed steel, it offers a longer tool life and faster cutting data.
  • HSS tools are typically an excellent option in high-mix, low-volume applications and are less expensive than Carbide tools.
  • HSS tends to be more resilient and less brittle since it lacks carbide’s wear resistance and longevity, making it the greatest option for making deep cuts with tiny tip sizes in tougher materials.

According to the application, solid carbide tools come in a variety of shapes, geometries, sizes, lengths, step diameters, etc. and are delivered in a variety of grades, including standard, normal, fine, ultrafine, and submicron grades in addition to universal special recipes grades. For clients in India and internationally, Universal Tools is a pioneering provider of carbide cutting tools.

HSS is still widely used in some specialised tool segments, such as drills, reamers, taps, form turning tools, gear hobbing and gear shaping cutters, side and face mills, end mills, slab milling and straddle milling cutters, slitting saws, form milling cutters, and broaches. In metal cutting, carbide tools have gradually replaced HSS tools in many tool applications.

Birla Precision Technologies Limited has been serving industries with its world-class tools technology in India and several other countries offering innovative TOOL technology, with revolutionary drilling and super finishing reamer technology.

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