Masonry Drill

Masonry Drills

Any material can be drilled, but the drill bit must be selected and used properly, to achieve the level of effectiveness you desire. When working with masonry or other difficult materials, sharpen the tool as necessary. You might need to drill holes as part of your regular tasks to install light fixtures, mount cabinets, hang … Read more

Annular Cutters

Annular Cutter

What is an Annular Cutter? An annular cutter is a unique kind of hole-making tool. It can cut metal similar to a hole saw. Annular cutters differ from many other hole-making methods in that it only makes a groove around the edge of the hole, removing a solid slug from the centre of the hole. … Read more

3 Essential Types Of Power Tools

3 Essential Types Of Power Tools

Power tools come in a wide variety of types, such as air compressors, alligator shears, angle grinders, bandsaws, belt sanders, biscuit joiners, chainsaws, circular saws, concrete saws, cold saws, crushers, diamond blades, diamond tools, disc cutters, disc sanders, drills, floor sanders, food processors, grinding machines, heat guns, hedge trimmers, impact drivers, impact wrenches, irons, lathes, … Read more

History of Cutting Tools

History Of Cutting Tools

A subset of tool steels known as high-speed steel (HSS or HS) is frequently utilised as a material for cutting tools. It is frequently utilised in drill bits and power-saw blades. Its ability to endure greater temperatures without losing its temper makes it superior to the older high-carbon steel tools that were widely used throughout … Read more

Composition of HSS Tools

Composition Of HSS Tools

In the cutting sector, HSS and carbide tools are essentially necessary. There are several things to know when you want to make a choice. Let’s understand a significant parameter which is the composition of HSS tools or Cutting tools . The manufacture and composition of HSS tools or cutting tools involve several different components. These … Read more

How are Tool Holders Integral to High-End Machining?

How are Tool Holders Integral to High-End Machining

Tool holders are crucial for reliable and secure connections between high-speed tools and a machine. An industry can reliably and safely generate high-quality items with the correct tool holder. Birla Precision Technologies Limited provides a comprehensive selection of tool holders that are utilised by numerous industries for a variety of tasks, from manufacturing medical equipment … Read more

Best Practices to Increase Life of Tool

Best Practices to Increase Life of Tool

Extending tool life is a priority for metal cutting companies due to the high cost of tooling and the need to scrap defective parts. In traditional machining, the life of a machine tool was defined by experimentally determined parameters. Manufacturers may achieve the most return on investment from their tooling while avoiding the negative effects … Read more

Safety Precautions while using HSS Cutting Tool

Safety Precautions while using HSS Cutting Tool

Cutting tools such as centre drills, twist drills, and screwing taps are a great addition to your power machines. However, inappropriate usage of these cutting instruments might be dangerous. The following safety precautions while using HSS Cutting Tools should be followed Wear protective equipment when using cutting tools, e.g. gloves and safety glasses. Never use … Read more

Solid Carbide Cutting Tool

Solid Carbide Cutting Tool

Solid Carbide Tools are cutting implements used in commercial metal cutting operations. Drills, reamers, end mills, milling cutters, thread mills, boring and grooving tools, and many more are examples of different types of carbide tools. Birla Precision Technologies Limited is precision carbide cutting tool manufacturer which solid carbide cutting tools. These tools are used on … Read more