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International Machine Tool Exhibition (IMTEX)

is one of the largest trade fairs for metal cutting and machine tool technology in Asia. The event, which takes place in Bengaluru, India, showcases the latest advancements and innovations in the industry, including cutting tools, CNC machines, and other precision engineering products.

The IMTEX 2023 edition, held from January 19th to January 25th, featured a wide range of cutting tools from leading manufacturers and suppliers from around the world. Attendees had the opportunity to see and learn about the latest technologies and trends in the field, such as high-speed machining, precision cutting, and automation.

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One of the highlights of the exhibition was the debut of several new cutting tool products, including solid carbide end mills, indexable inserts, and drill bits. These tools are designed to improve precision and efficiency in metal cutting and other machining operations.

We at Birla Precision were able to showcase some of our unique and widely known range of cutting tools and tool holders. The exhibits ranged from HSS Cutting Tools, Power Tool Accessories for Hardware applications ( Birla Durotool), Solid Carbide cutting Tools under the IT Carbomach Brand, tool holders and work-holding devices.

A lot of excitement and buzz was created with a lot of visitors who were amazed to see the 1.55-meter-long Taper Shank Drill, which was created for BHEL India. We also showcased, Slab milling cutter ( 452 mm ; 36 Kg), Taper reamer (480 mm,48 Kg), and a newly introduced Shrink fit machine.

The new mascot of Birla Durotool was also launched and unveiled at the event. We had around 2000 + visitors and great interactions with our end customers and channel partners.

In addition to the exhibition, IMTEX also helped connect with Students, Members of Trade and Foreign customers who were looking for a reliable partner to cater to their requirements.

Overall, IMTEX 2023 was a successful event that provided us with a platform to connect with manufacturers, suppliers, and industry professionals and showcase our cutting-edge products and technologies and exchange ideas and information. It also provided a glimpse of the future of metal cutting and precision engineering and the role of cutting tools in it.

We eagerly look forward to participating again at IMTEX 2025!!!!

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