DA Collet Holder

DA (Double Angle) Collet Holders is a tool holder in which a double angle collet is fixed to hold the grip of the cutting tool in a precise position.

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Double Angle (DA) Collet Holder

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As Double Angle Collets offer a wide range of bore sizes, a single DA Collet Holders can be used for different sizes, thus bringing down tooling costs. These collets are designed by using ultra-modern material and progressive technology that defines quality standards as well.

Double Angle Collet Holder, a product by Birla Precision Technologies Ltd, provides good rigidity and gripping, and hence providing good results during machining. DA Collet Holders are manufactured in various 7/24 tapers such as BT (MAS403/JIS B 6339), DV (DIN 69871), CV (ANSI B5.50/ISO 7388) and Morse Taper, along with HSK (DIN 69893) and Straight Shank.

The DA collet holder is now available in the Dual taper contact design also.

Advantages of DA Collet Holder

  • Balanced by design
  • Through tool coolant capability
  • Flange through coolant form B/AD available on request
  • Dynamically balanced to G6.3@ 15,000 rpm
  • G2.5@ 20,000 available on request

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